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Introducing the new Schaefer 510 GT Pininfarina. What was already an amazing yacht just got better. Featuring a full-bam midship suite with over six feet in height provides the space and comfort you'd expect from a thoroughbred.

Choose among several different layouts, such as two or three or four cabins, a large living area, or an extra galley on the vessel's lower deck.

Discover the new Schaefer 510 GT and embark on a new standard of living onboard.



​​The perfect combination of space and comfort.

We know how much you like the outdoors. The fold-out side balconies of our boats were designed to make the most of the aft area, keeping the deck completely level with safety and comfort, and expanding the onboard space for your enjoyment at sea.

Beauty and refinement.

With incomparable engineering and architectural solutions, the Schaefer 510 GT's large windows allow ample natural light to enter, bringing what is most precious for your travels - the sea view. 
The Schaefer 510 GT captivates with its beauty, versatility  and high luxury for an unquestionable presence.

Luxurious design for your days onboard.

Sharing values ​​such as the continuous search for improved design and innovation,  Schaefer Yachts and Pininfarina are once again partnering to deliver the most sophisticated product in the nautical market.

Navigation technology.

Equipped with the latest navigation equipment, operating a Schaefer Yacht is easy. With multi-touch panels, joystick driving and sophisticated sensors, you have full control of the boat at your fingertips. Board a Schaefer Yacht and discover the concept of easy-boating.

New Schaefer 510 GT

We combine the most modern features of the nautical market in Brazil with the style and sophistication of the renowned Italian design studio. The 510 GT's modern design, exquisite finish, and comfort of its spacious surroundings, combined with the renowned navigation of a Schaefer, bring you the highest experience at sea, where your best moments are yet to come.


Main Deck - 01

Main Deck - 01

Lower Deck - 01

Lower Deck - 01

Main Deck - 02

Main Deck - 02

Lower Deck - 02

Lower Deck - 02

Main Deck - 03

Main Deck - 03

Lower Deck - 03

Lower Deck - 03




Max. length (including pulpit and platform): 15,82 m (51.9')
Max. beam (including guardrails): 4,36 m (14.3')
Max. draft: 1,26 m (4.1')
Light craft mass: 18.300 kg (40,344 lb)
Deadrise angle: 17°
Fresh water capacity: 470 l (124 gal)
Fuel capacity: 1 300 l (343 gal)
Installed gensets: 1 x 11.5 kW
Clearance: 5,18 m (17')
Passenger capacity (day): 16
Passenger capacity (night): 6+1
Designer: Pininfarina / Marcio Schaefer

* Tests performed in flat water, without excessive wind, no anti-fouling paint and with clean hull and propellers. The engines used on the test were 2 x Volvo Diesel IPS 600 (D6 435 HP).

** The maximum speed and cruising speed data as well as fuel consumption and trip duration depend on the onboard loading conditions, ambient temperature, ambient pressure, fuel line, sea state, current, hull bottom condition and stern drive, axles, propellers. There may still be a variation of 7%.


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