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Behold the Schaefer 510 Sport Pininfarina
Starting with Schaefer’s 30-years of quality craftsmanship and culminating with the impeccable design excellence of the world-renown Pininfarina design team, the
Schaefer 510 Sport Pininfarina boasts the tour de force of luxury and style.

Featuring a bold but elegant look with its aesthetically modernistic lines and the detailed attention given to the innovative and ergonomic use of space, the Schaefer 510 Sport Pininfarina redefines superiority. Combine these qualities with the performance initiated by the expert design of Schaefer’s naval engineering team and you have the definition of a well-groomed thoroughbred. 
Nothing has been overlooked on the Schaefer 510 Sport Pininfarina as it further demonstrates Schaefer Yachts commitment for perfection to bring you the most exhilarating, enjoyable on-water experience in the world. 
Perfection truly has been reimagined by the Schaefer 510 Pininfarina.





Main Deck - Option 1

Main Deck - Option 1

Cabins - Option 1

Cabins - Option 1

Main Deck - Option 2

Main Deck - Option 2

Cabins - Option 2

Cabins - Option 2

Main Deck - Option 3

Main Deck - Option 3

Cabins - Option 3

Cabins - Option 3



Max. lenght (including pulpit and platform): 15.82 m (51.9')

Max. beam (including guardrails): 4.36 m (14.3")

Max. draft: 1.26 m (4.1 ft)

Light craft mass: 18,3 kg (40,34 lbs)

Deadrise angle: 17º

Max. speed*: 27.5 knots

Cruising speed*: 24 knots

Fuel consumption at cruising speed**: 129.7 L/h (34 Gal/h)

Range**: 164 N.M.**

Fresh water capacity: 470 L (124 Gal)

Fuel capacity: 1300 L (343 Gal)

Installed gensets: 1 x 11.5 kW

Clearance: 4.95 m (16.3')

Passenger capacity (day): 16

Passenger capacity (night): 6+2:6+1

Designer: Pininfarina / Marcio Schaefer

* Tests performed in flat water, without excessive wind, no anti-fouling paint and with clean hull and propellers. The engines used on the test were 2 x Volvo Diesel IPS 600 (D6 435 HP).

** The maximum speed and cruising speed data as well as fuel consumption and trip duration depend on the onboard loading conditions, ambient temperature, ambient pressure, fuel line, sea state, current, hull bottom condition and stern drive, axles, propellers. There may still be a variation of 7%.


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